Why choose Sumh Packages for ready-made packaging for your shelf?

We here at Sumh Packages have been manufacturing corrugated packaging here for over 20 years and with a wealth of experience in our field, we have seen innovative methods of corrugated packaging developed, especially in the retail industry.

This evolution of packaging has led to the emergence of retail and off-the-shelf packaging (RRP’s and SRP’s, for short), which have become a line of our specialized products over the years. Smart packaging that takes your product straight from the warehouse to the shelves of retailers. As one of the largest independent plants in PK, we can provide one-stop service for your SRP needs, providing you not only the highest quality corrugated packaging, but also experience while reducing your costs. Can also provide an unparalleled skill and service over the years. .

We know, and have seen, the importance of how retail packaging can make a brand. We can collaborate on your printed manufacturing capabilities to collaborate with you and your brand to create packaging. Over the years, our new investments in flexographic printing, die-cut machinery and technology have enabled us to develop a wide range of custom SRPs printed in four colors. This is especially ideal for use in shelf-ready packaging where first impressions are of the utmost importance, allowing you to further enhance your brand’s promotional messages with vibrant color printed boxes.

We have an expert technical design team who can help guide you through the steps you take to develop your packaging needs. We will help you design and create effective packaging that reduces costs, maximizes protection during transit while improving efficiency once and for all in the supply chain.

Generate more sales at the point of purchase with Taylor Made Bespoke SRPs. Reduce your costs and increase product performance with better product availability and faster, efficient stock repayment.

Sumh Packages manufacturer SRP’s & RRP’s that are strong and durable, but we also take our environmental responsibility into account when it comes to our packaging. Our SRP 100 can be recyclable, using corrugated packaging and with smart design to minimize the amount of material used means you are using packaging that is not just your Helps with costs, but also benefits your company’s image and the planet.

If you want to talk to us about your packaging needs, your expert team can help you create the perfect packaging. Use our contact form easily, or call us on 042 37060 823.