E-Commerce Packaging – Peel and Seal Printed Packaging

Accelerate completion and enhance the customer’s opening experience with our pre-applied shell and sealed taped edge packaging.

Stand out your e-commerce packaging. With the option to print inside and out of the box, you can create your own custom made packaging tailor. Build your brand with SIM packages.

We manufacture packaging tailored to your specifications. Our expert sales and design team can help you create the packaging that is ideal for your product. We’ll be able to help you with the types of box style, board grade and print options we can create.

If this is a standard box style or even more complex lock floped die cut box then we will be able to talk to you through the options. We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing corrugated boxes and our new machinery has now added the ability to add peel and seal adhesive strips to our e-commerce packaging options.


Premium craft paper board grade options

We can customize your packaging from a wide range of board grades to suit your product and budget requirements. From premium kraft paper to test liners, we manufacture packaging using the highest quality paper as well as our paper supply.

Peel and seal the first seal strip

Easily seal your packaging with a pre-applied adhesive strip, speeding up warehouse completion times to further enhance your packaging.

Easy open tear tear strip

Warning the recipient if the packaging has already been tampered with, open packaging in seconds with the user rip tear strip, improving the customer’s opening experience, as a clear solution to tampering Also work.

Easy return seal adhesive strip

Make the customer’s return easier and simpler with the second pre-applied adhesive strip. Make sure your product returns to you safely.

Printed options

We can print on both sides of the box with our 6 color printing machine (4 on one side, 2 on the other). Build your brand with your packaging by getting your message across to your customers.